Evergreen again at IASC America in 2007

尊龙人生就是博旧版 Evergreen group, as top manufacuturer of aloe vera raw materials in Asia, will attend 26th annual meeting of IASC on 7th-8th sept. in Dallas, TX, USA.


Aloe industry enticing

The United States has established a sizeable dozen large companies, 1500 kinds of products. These companies grow from the research, technology development, raw materials, production to management, m…


Aloe drink can ease the sub-health

High efficiency of modern society, fast-paced life, people often tend to make some fatigue, emotional irritability, headache, dizziness, forgetfulness, insomnia, chest tightness, palpitations, loss …

Milestones of Evergreen

·1999 Evergreen Established specializing in aloe vera extract (raw materials)
·2000 Reorganization by a joint venture funded by China Complete Equipment Import and Export  Corporation, which is a well-known state-owned Corporation in China.
·2000 Establishing long-term relationships with Xiamen University, Kunming Botanical Institute of the  Chinese Academy of Sciences, Beijing Agricultural University, China Research Academy of Traditional  Chinese Medicine
·2001 Within 3 months, construction completed of production lines for aloe concentrate juice and  diced aloe gel
·2002 Int'l Symposium on aloe industry held in Evergreen, IASC, along with many world famous  branded companies present at Evergreen
·2002 Evergreen's equipments and aloe vera extract was certified by the IASC
·2003 Foundation of Kunming office
·2004 Construction completed of production lines for aloe freeze & spray dried
·2005 Evergreen passed the cognizance of China's state-level hi-tech enterprise
·2006 Evergreen passed the SGS organic, food GMP, ISO9001, ISO14000 certification for more...

Products of Evergreen

Diced Aloe Vera …


200:1 Aloe Vera …


200:1 Aloe Vera …


Evergreen technologies

"We keep every molecule alive for the sake of your health."The concentration technology of vacuum evaporation prevailing in the world now realizes concentration by heating and evaporating. As a matter of fact, the bio-active materials of aloe are likely to be destroyed during heating.